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Bank Process Standardization and the Era of Banking as a Service

Think Tank - 12:05 pm - 12:30 pm

Banks have historically owned and operated all of the various functions related to the delivery of their services and have used these proprietary operations as business differentiators. Increased regulatory oversight has, however, forced standardization on many of these processes. While there have been benefits to the banks as a result (cost control being one of them), this standardization has created a world of service commoditization, not unlike what has been seen with cloud computing and related -as a Service- type offerings. The creation of Banking as a Service-type offerings will open potential revenue streams but require that significant technology hurdles be overcome and those CIOs that get ahead of the curve will set their organizations up for success at the direct expense of their less innovative and capable peers.


  • Operational processes, due to transparency and oversight requirements can no longer be considered ?traditional? competitive advantages · 
  • Excellence however is a differentiator and greater facility with a standardized process is a way to regain that competitive advantage · 
  • New revenue channels are imperative for success and finding ways to make revenue off