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Driving an Omni-Channel Experience in Financial Services

Think Tank - 10:35 am - 11:00 am

Maintaining a consistent client experience is key to ensuring a consistent client relationship, which in turn leads to greater client retention and spend. Maintaining that consistent experience is complicated by the fact that clients now interact with all providers, not just financial services ones, through a variety of channels that can number into the dozens. It is essential to not have just consistency of look and feel across all channels, but consistency of experience, and indeed to allow individual experiences to occur sequentially across all channels.


  • Client experience is the primary motivator in client retention and reducing client churn is essential to controlling costs  
  • Client experience degrades when channel experience conflicts or limits client choice or activity so consistency is key  
  • Optimal experience needs a seamless client ?experience ecosystem? that, done well, tightens bonds, reduces costs, and increases spend